Advanced Diamond Products offers a wide range of diamond anvils and optical diamond products for many optical applications, including ATR lenses and high pressure research. As an authorized distributor for Technodiamant Belgium (and the exclusive distributor in North America), we deliver quality diamond anvils for National Laboratories and Universities world-wide. These include custom designs which we provide at reasonable prices.

Rough Diamond

  • Diamond types. Type 1A natural and type 2A single crystal CVD and HPHT diamonds are available. We have access to very large synthetic type 2A synthetic diamond that is ULF and typically also ULB. Please let us know your requirements and we can source unpolished, polished, or lasered shapes.

  • Design. Standard 16-sided design, modified 16-sided, brilliant, modified brilliant, conical, and minimum undercut anvils can be produced. Whatever design you require just let us know and we will quote for you.
  • Fluorescence. Low fluorescence (LF) and Ultralow fluorescence (ULF) can be selected. Raman selected stones are verified by an outside national laboratory
  • Birefringence. All of the diamonds that we provide for high pressure anvils are either low birefringence or ultralow birefringence. We classify birefringence by using a Berek Compensator. Value of <.0001 is considered “low” birefringence, and value <.00005 is deemed “ultralow” birefringence. Birefringence is also checked after each cutting and polishing process to assure that the final product meets specified requirements.
  • Bevels. We also provide single or double bevels, and tolerances can be held to within a few microns. Standard parallelism between culet and table is <0.1 degrees.
  • CBN and carbide seats. We also offer CBN seats for anvils that are transparent to x-rays. These can be provided in a wide range of configurations with various conical hole angles.


Please contact us for a quote or with any questions. We look forward to being of service.