Advanced Diamond Products is an authorized distributor for Technodiamant Belgium. Technodiamant is a leading supplier of natural as well as synthetic diamond tools utilized in Gravure Printing.  The product range includes tools for the HELL HelioKlischograph, Daetwyler/Ohio Electronic Engraver and PCD tools for the Polishmaster, CFM and Flying Scot cylinder preparation machines.

We stock tools in our Tranquility NJ office, so can typically ship from stock.  Tools that are not in stock can normally ship within 1-2 weeks maximum.

6806 and 5008

  • ENGRAVING STYLI. The engraving styli for both the Hell and Ohio Engraving machines are produced on the most advanced polishing machines and are of the highest quality.  In-house developed measuring equipment assures the most consistent tools available on the market.  A 100% inspection ensures that Technodiamant products meet or exceed machine specifications. We offer new styli in all angles and offer repair service for tools made by any manufacturer.  We will refurbish tools to new tool specifications (not simply lap the top of the tool). We also offer "One-Way" styli that are intended for use and then are simply discarded when worn.  These tools are very popular as there is no need to ship tools back and forth for repair.  They are very competitively priced and save significant costs in import duties and paperwork.

6623 and 6493

  • SLIDING SHOES/SPINDLES.  Both the sliding shoes for the Ohio machines and the sliding spindles for the HelioKlischograph are produced to very tight tolerances.  The ability to braze diamond directly to the shank material, combined with our laser equipment, enables us to manufacture highly accurate shoes and spindles. The HELL sliding spindles have a precise polished radius on the top of the diamond, and facets around the radius that prevents scratching of the copper cylinder.  To assure that this radius is concentric and according to the specifications of Hell, special interference microscopes are used to document all new and repaired tools.

6559 and 6603

  • BURR – CUTTERS. Burr-Cutters normally run for a long time before needing repair.  Therefore, it is very important that the diamonds are manufactured with the proper radius or exact flatness (depending on whether for HelioKlischograph or Daetwyler/Ohio Engraver).  If the Burr-Cutter is not produced within strict dimensional tolerances, it can cause scratching of the cylinder, even after many hours of seemingly acceptable use. We can also provide the housing for the HelioKlischograph Burr-Cutter.  If requested, we will mount and adjust the Burr-Cutter in the housing and deliver the full assembly.

6734 and 6661 and 6728

  • POLISHMASTER PRE-CUTTERS.  We have been supplying Pre-Cutters (or rough-cutters) for the Polishmaster for many years.  The cutting edge on these tools is made of a special grade of PCD (polycrystalline diamond).  This material has outstanding wear resistance and is more resistant to shock as compared to natural and synthetic single crystal diamond. Our advanced grinding machinery and highly skilled craftsmen assure that you are getting the best and longest lasting cutting edges on the market.

We are always pleased to consider quotation on non-standard diamond products; please call with your requests.

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