Diamond Anvils for High Pressure Research

Advanced Diamond Products offers a wide range of diamond anvils and optical diamond products for many optical applications, including ATR lenses and high pressure research.

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Diamond Tools for Gravure Engraving

Advanced Diamond Products is an authorized distributor for Technodiamant Belgium. Technodiamant is a leading supplier of natural as well as synthetic diamond tools utilized in Gravure Printing.

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PCD and CBN Tools

We offer a wide range of PCD as well as CBN tools and inserts, twist drills, and custom shapes. We offer a unique High Temperature PCD that can withstand temperatures up to 2100° F. This material can be used in applications such as

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Diamond “Micro” Core Drills & Electroplated Diamond Grinding Bits

Advanced Diamond Products provides a complete range pf metalbond diamond core drills which are optimum for drilling glass, silicon, ceramic, piezo,

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Talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to provide a quote on both standard and non-standard products. For more information, you are invited to review our brochures by clicking on the links below: