We offer a wide range of PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) as well as CBN (Cubic boron nitride) tools and inserts, twist drills, and custom shapes. We offer a unique High Temperature PCD that can withstand temperatures up to 2100° F. This material can be used in applications such as machining titanium where often there is too much heat for standard PCD material. More detail is mentioned in the flyer below.

High temp PCD material ADP

We also offer a range of free-standing CVD (chemical vapor deposition) diamond tools. We can achieve extremely tight tolerances in polycrystalline CVD, which offers a huge lifetime advantage compared to PCD for machining graphite and carbon-filled composites.

0.3mm radius PCD

0.3mm radius PCD tool for turning aluminum automobile wheels

0.3mm radius PCD

0.5mm radius CVD diamond turning insert for machining carbon filled fiber

CVD profiling tool

laser cut CVD diamond profiling tool for machining graphite mold

PCD special tool

PCD profiling tool - these features are 30 um wide, and 200 um long

300um radius concave

300um concave radius tool

16mm diameter fine grade PCD

16mm diameter fine grade PCD for turning polycarbonate

The PCD rounds that we produce for generating spectacle lenses from polycarbonate and other plastics offer superior lifetime as compared to other manufacturers. We have an extremely fine grit PCD that keeps it’s edge much longer than traditional PCD, and its fine grit size also allows us to produce an extremely sharp edge with very low “waviness” across the edge.

Please tell us about your requirements – we guarantee the quality and performance of our tools.