Diamond “Micro” Core Drills

Advanced Diamond Products provides a complete range of metalbond diamond core drills which are optimum for drilling glass, silicon, ceramic, piezo, sapphire and other crystalline materials.  We always recommend using thru-hole coolant whenever possible.  Flood cooling may be OK in certain situations, but this does not effectively remove swarf and does not cool the drill as well so drill life will typically be shorter.

small microdrill

You can choose any ID or OD to the nearest .001”.   You can also call out both if necessary.

Micro Core Drills

Size (OD) inches          Size (ID) inches
0.023-0.028                0.010-0.011
0.029-0.030                0.012-0.014
0.031-0.035                0.015-0.016
0.036-0.040                0.017-0.019
0.041-0.050                0.020-0.026
0.051-0.061                0.027-0.032
0.062-0.077                0.033-0.048
0.078-0.093                0.049-0.061
0.094-0.125                0.062-0.090
0.126-0.135                0.091-0.100
0.136-0.140                0.101-0.106
0.141-0.156                0.107-0.112
0.157-0.172                0.113-0.131
0.173-0.187                0.132-0.144
0.188-0.200                0.145-0.160
0.201-0.225                0.161-0.176
0.226-0.250                0.177-0.206
0.251-0.270                0.207-0.215
0.271-0.285                0.216-0.221
0.286-0.306                0.222-0.248
0.307-0.327                0.249-0.259
0.328-0.340                0.260-0.269
0.341-0.356                0.270-0.284
0.357-0.387                0.285-0.301
0.388-0.406                0.302-0.335

**Custom sizes are available, as are disintegrating drills, solid mills, etc.
**Large Drills available from 10mm OD to 170mm OD – Please call **

3/8″-24 water swivel adapter with 5/8″ shaft

mini water swivel

3/8″-24 mini water swivel & Branson mini water swivel 1/2″ shank to fit in collet


Available Options

  • Standard length is 2-1/2″; different lengths are available
  • Standard tolerance is +/- 0.001″; +/- 0.00025″ available at 30% premium
  • Can be Mounted to Branson, Belgian, or other adapters
  • Slots, counterbores, and ID waterways can be provided
  • Larger sizes available from 4mm diameter to 170mm diameter

We provide tools that can be used on ultrasonic milling machines such as the Optipro Optisonic 550x ultrasonic 5-axis machine.

Drills can be mounted on: 5/8″-18 female, 3/8″-24 female or male (Branson type) adaptors, or straight adapter (i.e. 1/4″ diameter X 1″ long or 3/8″ X 1″ long)

Large Water Coolant Swivels: 3/8″- 24 with 5/8″ shaft (shown) and 5/8″- 18 with 7/8″ shaft are available

Let us know the details of your application and we can help to get you the best tool for the job.   Plated diamond tools can also be provided.

Metalbond and resinbond diamond and CBN wheels

A wide range of diamond and CBN wheels, mounted mandrels, and other custom products are also available.  All resinbond and metalbond tools and wheels are custom made with the optimum binder and grit size for the specific application.  When specifying a resinbond diamond wheel or metalbond diamond grinding wheel, if you can provide information on material being ground, coolant, speeds and feeds, and finish required, then we can assure that we provide the optimum grit and binder type for your application.

Electroplated Diamond Grinding Bits






Advanced Diamond Products offers a broad range of electroplated diamond grinding bits. Click below to see the specifications for:

Please Order by Part # and include grit size code
M=Micron, F=Fine, C=Coarse, SC=Super Coarse

$10 ea / minimum order $30.- * Discount in Quantity of 10+
Many other shapes and sizes available, including diamond plated core drills, diamond plated wheels and pins -  please inquire